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Elizebeth Joy, Cookier

Elizebeth Joy Tong is the driving force behind Crimson Art Confections. She is baker, decorator, social media curator, customer service rep, designer, website creator, shipping/receiving, and logistics engineer, all rolled into one. What started as a delicious hobby has grown into a cottage enterprise of sugar and spice.

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Her Story

Elizebeth was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and has lived in the South for most of her life. She has always been an unstoppable force when it comes to artistic expression and creativity. She graduated with honors from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in metals and jewelry and a minor in sculpture. She also studied color theory, printmaking, painting, and computer-aided design while in school. 


Following her passion for adorning the body, Elizebeth became an accomplished henna artist and practiced the art for nearly 20 years. She then married her two loves, baking and piping, and began to create custom decorated cookies in 2018. She loves tedium and finds herself drawn to producing handmade items with tiny detail and excruciating minutia, and her art often mirrors her appreciation of dark humor and absurdity. She also adores calligraphy, illumination, and knitting.


She currently resides on a small farm near Athens, Georgia with her husband, two offspring, and a menagerie of animals. When she's not arting, momming, or farming, she's playing bassoon in local groups, such as the Athens Symphony, or nerding out with her favorite computer games.

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