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Bag of Dicks Cookie Sets

A literal Bag of Dicks. For eating. For your best friends and favorite frenemies, or perhaps the newlywed. Each "package" contains twelve beautiful boners of various sizes - no two are exactly alike, just like nature intended. Our consumable cocks are completely customizable, so just let us know what your ideas are and we'll make your dick dreams come true... colorful, au naturale, extra salty, dressed to impress, customized with words or bondage gear? The sky's the limit with our precious pricks. 

"Anonymous shipping" is available, as always, if a certain someone in your life has earned the honor of a gift of edible phalli.

Order a dozen delicious dongs today! Don't forget to let us know any specifics you need in the comments section. If we have any questions or fun ideas, we'll write you. We want your wieners to be winners.

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