We treat our brides like royalty! Brides and their families are in for a special treat when they contact Crimson Art Henna. The bride is guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind design that matches her personal style and stays within her family’s budget. 


Our exclusive online consultation will allow the artist to determine how many hours the henna application will take, and the standard rates apply ($90 an hour). If there are going to be more than 10 guests at the Sangeet, we will provide another artist at $60 an hour. Travel expenses at the current standard rate will also apply if the event is more than 60 miles from the artist’s location. 


Contact us today to book an artist!





When you email Crimson Art, we will ask you some important questions:

1: When is the wedding or Sangeet?

2: Please email three photos of henna designs that you really love, in the style(s) that you would like (they can be different styles with elements that we can meld.)

3: How much “coverage” would you like? For example, “Finger tip to elbow,” “toes to knees,” “just past the wrist on the palm side,” “just the sides of the feet, like slippers.”

4: What is your budget like for the bride’s henna?

5: Is there anything else we should know, such as a special theme for the wedding, or elements on the bride’s dress?


Based on this information, we will draw a completely one-of-a-kind bridal design and email it back to the bride for a preview, along with the estimate of time needed to complete the designs and the price (which will be at or under the budget). If adjustments need to be made, please send an email detailing exactly what you would like to have different.





Once we know how long the design will take, you can decide if you would like to have it done during a party or as a private session, and how many days before the wedding. Please note that we highly recommend having it applied in a private session, as it takes much less time to draw and is much less likely to get messed up!


The bridal henna appointment is made official when a deposit of $50 is sent via check or credit card.





Some brides also choose to have an in-person consultation, which is done at Crimson Art’s home studio in Athens, Ga. During this time, several small designs will be applied to the bride in a few different areas so that she can get an idea of what kind of color can be expected. This consultation usually lasts one hour and costs $90.




If other party members, such as Mothers, Aunties, or guests would like henna, they will be charged by the hour ($90 for one artist, $60 each additional artist). This arrangement will be made separately, even if the same person is paying for everyone. Another henna artist might be recommended, or the guests may be done another day, based on circumstances.





Brides and their families can also choose from the following options:

  • Colored micro-glitter ”Gilding” on the day of photos or wedding: Prices start at: $90

  • An oil and henna painting with the design motifs and bridal colors: Price: $180

  • A printed and framed version of her one-of-a-kind sketches: Price: $50





To ensure a wonderful, relaxing henna experience, we have some guidelines for our brides and their families to follow. Taking these rules to heart will help you to achieve a dark, crisp, long-lasting stain with minimal stress. We will bring this “contract” with us and have you sign it after reading it so that we know that everyone is on the same page about expectations and aftercare.


Before the henna paste is applied:

  • Shower, and very lightly scrub your skin with a washcloth. Do not exfoliate.

  • Do not apply lotions to the areas that you are planning on having henna.

  • Eat a good meal with some protein, and drink some water or a glass of wine.

  • Do not drink so much that you will have to hop up and go to the restroom a lot during the session. Do not drink too much alcohol, either!

  • Go to the restroom... your hands will be out of commission for a while!

  • Dress in something comfortable and that will leave your to-be-henna’d areas accessible. Pajamas work great.

  • Pick some soothing music and have someone ready to cater to your needs.

  • Please be ready for the time that we scheduled to start. We will charge you $30 for each half hour that we have to wait for you to be ready.


While the henna is being applied:

  • Do your best not to move around! It takes us much longer to draw on a moving target.

  • No answering your phone. Assign a trusted friend or family member to it.

  • No jumping up to greet people, and no hugging, sorry!! They will have to wait until you are done and dry. No dancing, either. I know this sounds like no fun, but it will be worth it for your beautiful henna.

  • You will be charged $45 per half hour for the time that I have to fix smudges or wait for you to come back to the chair.

  • Please assign someone to help apply the henna’s sealant. This will save the artist a lot of time, and we will get done faster.


After the henna is applied and sealed:

  • Stay at home or in your hotel room.

  • Have someone help you get into your pajamas, if you’re not already in them.

  • Stay warm, but try not to sweat too much.

  • Leave the paste on for at least 6 hours. 12 hours is the maximum amount of helpful staining time. Some brides choose to sleep in their paste.

  • Scrape or rub the paste off with your fingers, or something like a credit card or edge of a spoon. Do NOT wash or scrub the paste off! Leave stubborn bits on, or remove them with a bit of olive oil.

  • Avoid getting the designs wet for at least 24 hours after paste removal.

  • The henna designs will darken from a bright orange color to a brown color over the course of 48 to 60 hours. Stay warm!

  • The henna will stay on for weeks if you take care not to exfoliate your skin.


Email Elizebeth today to start your wedding henna adventure!


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