Public classes are now being offered in Elizebeth's home studio four times a year.  Email to reserve your space now before the next class fills up!  Both public and private classes are available for students of all levels. Classes are held informally with plenty of personal hands-on time, as well as information and materials for the students to take home. We believe that there is no "one right way" to do henna body art, and many techniques and styles will be explored for the student to experiment with and find his or her own niche.  Contact us today to reserve your space in our next class, which will be Sunday, July 14th (2019) from 2:00 to 6:00 at our home studio near Athens, GA.



All students will have the chance to learn the basics of henna usage:


-How to gather necessary ingredients

-How to mix the henna paste

-How to apply to the skin (and other materials)

-How to roll a cone for application

-How to store henna properly

-History of henna and its usage

-Different modern cultural uses and designs

-How to find inspiration for designs


Public classes are four hours long, and includes time for practice sessions. This introductory class is for all students, and will include the list above as the syllabus. For the practice session of this first class, all styles and difficulties of henna designs will be available, so students who have already had practice or exposure to henna will not feel left out. 


Public classes cost $100 per class per student for each four hour session, and can either be held at a private home, a school room, a shop, a festival, or a similar venue. A minimum of four students must attend in order for the class to be held, and the maximum number of students per class is 10. The cost includes all materials, such as the henna, cones and informational/practice booklets, which are for the students to take home.





Private classes are fully customizable, one-on-one sessions that give the student full attention and support. All materials needed for the sessions are supplied and are part of the cost of the class. This includes booklets, hand-outs, henna powder, henna paste, cones, and anything else that might be needed. The cost for a private class is $90 an hour, and the estimated length of the class will be determined when the student contacts Elizebeth with a list of what they would be interested in learning.



Those who are seeking to use henna professionally will have the opportunity to learn:


-How to find the best deals on bulk ingredients and supplies

-How to handle event and party bookings

-How to interact with your clients and the public

-How to tailor your services for a particular event

-How to advertise your services (internet/websites, around town, word of mouth, social media)

-Where to find other needed supplies (clothing, music, decorations, etc)

-How to charge fairly and still be able to make a living

-Getting a business license and proper insurance


This advanced  second class is for those students who would like to learn how to use henna professionally. To ensure a productive session, all students must have attended the first class or have prior consent by Elizebeth in order to participate.

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