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Style Guide

Our cookie creations are completely customizable! The flexible ordering system allows you to decide how much or how little control you'll be giving us on the decorating side - You can tell us exactly how you want each cookie, or you can be really vague and see what we come up with!

These photos will help to show you what we mean for all of the different options on the ordering form. As always, if you need help or clarification, you can always reach out to us in an email or message.

Helpful hints for all orders:

Here are something you can let us know on the order form which will help us to make the perfect set of cookies: 

  • Hobbies or occupation

  • Inside jokes and shared history

  • Favorite colors

  • Favorite places, critters, sports teams, fictional characters

  • Recent life events

  • Personality and humor

When you order cookies you'll get (at least) one pound of cookies in various shapes and sizes. The shapes will reflect the occasion, if appropriate. Each cookie will have a background (flooding) and piping on top. You can request no flooding, if you'd prefer less icing, and you can request one size and shape. The different types of cookie sets that we offer, Simply Elegant, Themed, and Bespoke, are essentially tiered pricing for how much customization is going into each dozen. See the descriptions below for a more in-depth explanation.

Simply Elegant 


Prices start at $20/doz

Our Simply Elegant cookies are the perfect way to show someone that you're thinking of them. You can choose the background (flooding) color and up to three different piping (decorating) colors, as well as picking up to four decorating motifs for the set.  


Themed Cookies

Prices start at $30/doz

Our Themed Cookies are a fusion of customization and simple elegance. Choose a flavor, give us a color palette and a theme and let us take care of the rest!

Four of the cookies will have pictures or designs related to the theme that you are requesting (or any other information that you are giving us). The remaining cookies will be decorated to fit the color scheme and overall theme.


Personalized Cookies

Prices start at $40/doz

Personalized Cookies are a step up from Themed sets - you'll get eight custom cookies out of the dozen! The remaining four cookies will be decorated to fit the color scheme and overall theme.


Bespoke Cookies

Prices start at $50/doz

Our Bespoke cookies are for those who need completely customized works of art on their plates and in their mouths!  In these sets, all 12 cookies are customizable. Choosing the flavor is just the beginning... We will take what you tell us to completely personalize the cookies to reflect everything about the occasion or recipient. From favorite colors, to hobbies, to idols, to inside jokes... We'll make cookies to remember and cherish!


Fancy Extras!!

Put that little extra something into your order!

With any order, you can choose the following options:

No Flooding - Less icing on the cookie for those who would prefer less sugar or a minimalist look.


Outline/Framing - A line or pattern of icing around the cookie, usually in a contrasting color.


Edible Glitter - Add sparkle and fun!

Gilding - Edible metallic paint in gold, rose gold, or silver. So elegant!


Hand-painted Backgrounds - Choose a single color or multiples for an ombre or rainbow effect. 

Individually Wrapped in Cellophane - Typically, the cookies are delivered back to back and wrapped in tissue paper.

Boxed Up - Typically, the cookies are placed in a plastic bag and nestled in newsprint (for shipping) or in a paper bag (for local orders)


Paw Print on a cookie
dinosaur on a cookie
various sparkly cookies

No Flooding


Edible Glitter

various Chinese themed cookies
A sunset theme cookie



Heart cookies in cellophane

Cellophane Wrapping

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