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A How-To on Odering

Because our cookies are completely one-of-a-kind, from flavor to shape to colors to themes, our ordering system can seem a bit tricky. Here's a quick guide to walk you through securing your superb satchel of sweets.

1 - Click on the red button that says "Shop Now." This will take you to the site where the actual ordering happens. If you're looking for inspiration first, or just want to see what we've made in the past, browse around here first.

2- Read the opening paragraph. It will let you know what the current turn around time is for cookies. Depending on the season, this can vary from one to two weeks. If you need cookies faster than the turn around time, you can choose the Emergency Cookies option later.

3 - Decide what kinds of cookies to order. We have three "tiers" of cookies, ranging from the mos.

3 - Choose your flavor(s). We have four flavors on tap. Three are around all year, and one changes depending on the season. Sugar cookie is the classic, sweet, buttery cookie that you know and love. Lemon poppyseed has a lovely tang of lemon and an herb-y dash of poppyseeds. Chocolate shortbread has an intense, dark chocolate which pairs perfectly with a tall glass of milk. The seasonal flavor varies from Classic Gingerbread in the Winter to Pumpkin Spice in the fall, so check back and see what we've got for you to try!

4 - Decide if you need Emergency Cookies. Is the turn-around too long to catch your cousin's upcoming birthday in time? You can click this box to get those cookies baked and out the bakery's door within 48 hours. If you're local, we'll hand deliver them to you. If the cookies are being shipped, they will be packed and shipped in two days. Please be aware that we will not be able to ship on Sundays, so if the order is placed on Friday, the shipment will go out Monday morning. 

5 - Choose any dietary restrictions. Let us know if you need the cookies to be Gluten Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, or Nut-free.

6 - List food allergies. The next set of check boxes will let us know if the people who will be eating the cookies are allergic to wheat, nuts, dairy, or egg or none of the above. Having this information will help us in the kitchen to clean our utensils, bowls, mixers, counter tops, etc between batches of cookies and ensure that cross contamination is avoided. However, please note that we do cook with all of these listed allergens in our kitchen, so there is always a remote chance of cross-contamination.

7 - Describe your themes or ideas. In this section, we want you to give us as much or as little information as you'd like about how we'll be decorating the cookies. You can tell us what the recipient likes, does as a hobby, or thinks is hilarious. You can also just say that you'd like something feminine and sweet, or manly for a birthday dude. We'll take this information and use our imagination to create some one of a kind works out art. If we have questions about what you write, we'll contact you to work it out.

8 - Choose your color preferences. If you would like the cookies to have a specific color palette, let us know here. Or you can just let us decide what to do.

9 - Date needed? If you want them shipped or delivered as soon as they are done, check no and ignore the next question. But if you're ordering a month in advance (which isn't a terrible idea, by the way!), then click yes and let us know what that date is. We'll either deliver the cookies to you on that date (local folks) or we'll check and see how long it will take to ship them and put them in the mail with enough time to get there.

10 - Anonymous gift? Next you can choose if you'd like the recipient to know who sent their cookies, if they are a gift to someone. You can leave this blank if ordering for yourself.

11 - Personalized message. Fill this out if you'd like us to include a hand-written message with the order.

12 - Add to cart. Finished with this flavor? Click this button. It will open a window on the side of your screen which shows your cart. At this point you can check out or you can add more flavors by clicking on "Continue Shopping" at the very bottom. This is also where you can change "shipping" to "delivery" if you are local. Just scroll down on the upper part of the cart and you'll see it. This can be tricky, but if we see that you paid for shipping and you don't need it, we'll refund that shipping cost to you, so don't fret.

13 - When you're ready, click "Check Out," and it will take you to the next screen, where you'll put in your name, credit card information, etc.

That's it! If you have more questions, or find that you've made a mistake in your order after the fact, you can always email us at  Keep your eye on our Facebook or Instagram feed for the cookies to float by - we usually get photos of them just as we wrap them up for shipping or delivering.


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