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Style Guide

Our cookie creations are completely customizable! The flexible ordering system allows you to decide how much or how little control you'll be giving us on the decorating side - You can tell us exactly how you want each cookie, or you can be purposefully vague and see what we come up with!

These photos will help to show you what we mean for all of the different options on the ordering form. As always, if you need help or clarification, you can always reach out to us in an email or message.

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Helpful Hints for All Orders


Here are some things you can let us know on the order form which will help us to make the perfect set of cookies: 

  • Hobbies or occupation

  • Inside jokes and shared history

  • Favorite colors

  • Favorite places, critters, sports teams, fictional characters

  • Recent life events

  • Personality and humor

When you order cookies you'll get (at least) one pound of cookies in various shapes and sizes. The shapes will reflect the occasion, if appropriate. Each cookie will have a background (flooding) and piping on top. You can request no flooding, if you'd prefer less icing, and you can also request that all 12 cookies be the same size and shape. The different types of cookie sets that we offer, Simply Elegant, Themed, Personalized, and Bespoke, are essentially tiered pricing for how much customization is going into each dozen. See the descriptions below for a more in-depth explanation.

Carton of Eggs

The Tiers

Simply Elegant 


Prices start at $20/doz

Our Simply Elegant cookies are the perfect way to show someone that you're thinking of them. You can choose the background (flooding) color and up to three different piping (decorating) colors, as well as picking up to four decorating motifs for the set.  


Themed Cookies 


Prices start at $30/doz

Themed Cookies, our most popular package, is perfect if you'd like several customized cookies, such as characters, logos, or hand-drawn cookies. Four cookies will be customized, and the rest will be themed with complimentary styles, patterns and colors.


Personalized Cookies


Prices start at $40/doz

The Personalized Cookies package is much like the Themed Cookies, except that a total of Eight cookies will be customized, and the rest will be themed with complimentary styles, patterns and colors.

268441656_457436192399103_1360785923099797712_n (1).jpg

Bespoke Cookies 


Prices start at $50/doz


Bespoke cookies are for those who want completely customized works of art! We will take what you tell us to create cookies that reflect everything about the occasion or recipient. We'll make cookies to remember and cherish!

All 12 of the cookies will have pictures or designs related to the theme that you are requesting.


Fancy Extras!

These are options that you can find on the order form. You can make your dozen extra special by adding some glitz, class, or sparkle! You can also choose different packaging, such as wrapped or boxed. Check out the photos below for some examples of each of the extras.








Hand painted         


Boxed Up              

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