Meet the Artists


Elizebeth was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and has lived in the South for most of her life. Since she was a child, she has been fascinated by cultures around the world, and has sought to learn as much as she can about each of them. Cultures of the Far and Middle East especially interested her, as the food, clothing, music and customs were so different from her own.


Her creative side has been a dominant factor in her life, and doodling on any available surface was always a favorite pastime of hers. A friend in high school, whose family was from India, introduced her to henna, and she was hooked for good. She learned different techniques and styles, and devoured as much information about henna as she could get her hands on. She has been doing henna professionally since 2002.


Always interested in new ways to adorn the body, she graduated with a BFA in Metals and Jewerly from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she also took classes in drawing, 2-d design, and oil painting. She currently resides on a small farm near Athens, Georgia with her husband, two daughters, and a menagerie of animals.


Tyme was born in New York City, and has spent most of his life exploring cities and cultures all across North America (and beyond). He is one of the artists and the engagement manager for Crimson Art Henna. It is his duty to make sure that the right artists are present at each event, as well as take care of the business side of henna. He also acts as our “booth babe;” pitching in during larger events, explaining the care of henna, and repairing any smudged designs.


Lucy Ralston was born in Athens Georgia, and has spent her years unearthing layers of interesting artistic communities in her city. When she stumbled upon henna artists, she knew it was a good fit. She has been practicing henna since 2011, and has been learning from Elizebeth personally since 2013. She doesn't claim to be a "henna master" yet, but her designs have been pleasing customers across the state, and she is always excited to give someone a new piece of body art to love! She currently resides just outside Athens, enjoying a quiet life with plenty of time and room for artistic endeavors.


Scarlett is fun, funky, and adds sparkle to any event with her bubbly personality.  She is located in Marietta, so she is the artist you'll want to call if you're on the North West side of the Metro Atlanta area.





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