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Winter Season

There are lots of beautiful things in Winter, - so many celebrations for so many people! We'll help you celebrate any and all of them with our custom cookies. Also, who doesn't love a snowflake or twelve? Each of ours is guaranteed unique, not to mention delicious! offering two easy to click and customize cookie packs ... "Basic Bitch" Holiday Cookies ($20/dz), and "A Little Extra Merry" ($28/dz) Cookies! Both have the option of our famous Gingerbread flavor, in addition to our usual selection.

If you are local, please choose "pick up" instead of "shipping" as your option when checking out. We can either deliver the cookies to your preferred location or establish a time and date for you to pick them up from our home studio.

Screenshot 2020-02-21 at 7.23.46 PM - Ed

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