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Gingerbread Kits and Construction

Here you can find some extra help on assembling your Gingerbread Cottage or Chateau! Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial on getting your house in livable condition.

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First things first!! We highly recommend decorating the walls, doors and yard décor of your home *before* you construct it! It’s much easier to pipe onto them while they are flat.


Grab your bags of decorating royal icing and give them a good massage. Some of the color may have separated while your cottage was being shipped - this is normal! Rubbing and kneading the bag up and down until the color is even again will help it out. This may take up to two minutes of coaxing, but keep at it! Do it for the white one, too, even if you can’t see any shade differences. We’ve left a little slack in the bags just for this purpose. 


Now you can cut the tip of your bags to use them! Cut just a TINY bit, like an eighth of an inch - you can’t put it back after it’s gone. Try to get your cut as straight across as possible. Pinch the hole open and give it a little squeeze to see if you like the size of the line that comes out. If it’s too small, go bigger.


If you’re not using the icing for more than an hour, stick it in the fridge, open side up. Knead it again when you take it out to warm it and redistribute the color.


Need design inspiration? There are millions of photos and thousands of videos online to give you some ideas. Mix and match what you love!


Once you have the walls to your liking, let them dry completely before construction. You don’t want to smash that beautiful piping! Thankfully, drying time shouldn’t be any more than an hour for thinner areas and three hours for thicker.

Cut a fairly big hole in the “mortar” icing bag. We’ve marked on the bag where the ideal cut should be for this.


Start with one long wall and one short wall with a peak. Apply a rather thick line of mortar down the short side of the wall. Hold both pieces at a 90 degree angle and moosh them together until they are happily stuck there. You may have to hold them for about ten minutes, or you can use our trick of holding them up with cans. You can also squeeze a line of mortar all along the outside of both pieces at the bottom, like a helpful structural snowdrift. Let this set up dry for about 20 minutes before going for the next part.


Now put up the other wall and peaked side in the same manner. Nudge them up against the first two pieces and mortar them together. Hold or prop them up and LET THEM SIT for at least an hour before putting the roof on. Trust us on this! Doing it too early will lead to a Cottage Collapse.


Once it’s ready, apply mortar to the top edges of the “peaks” of one side of the house - pick left or right. Take one roof piece and carefully place it on the mortar, then hold or prop it up for 20 minutes before doing the other side. Finally, place a line of mortar along the top seam of the roof to hide any gaps. 


You can also use the mortar to stand up your yard decorations, but we recommend using the decorating piping icing for sticking on the doors, shutters, and candy decorations (except for standing up candy canes or pretzel sticks - that’s mortar material).


Speaking of candy decorations… 


It’s time!! Do your thing! Make it beautiful, cozy, funny, or anything you’d like it to be.

Once you’re all done with the décor, display your Gingerbread Cottage out of reach of pets - some of the candies may contain ingredients which are toxic for cats and dogs. 


When you’re finished admiring your work, you can eat it! We’ve specifically made gingerbread dough and icing which isn’t just functional, but also delicious. No need to refrigerate it so long as it’s consumed within two weeks of construction. Even after that, it won’t make you sick, but it will likely be a bit stale and will have lost some flavor.


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